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Published on October 25, 2012 By LadyCleve In Blogging

Here are two more poems, one from about five years ago, the other from seventeen, beginning with the most recent:


A fog of confusion wreaths the mind so densely

  that thought finds it impossible to navigate

  through to the outside world of comprehension

Imprisoned in a sleepless limbo and isolated by a sea of fearful lonliness,

  the body cries out for the gentle caress of a human hand

  as the soul mourns the separation from its mate

Feeding on the soul's grief, the body's hunger grows

Immobilized by the soul's woeful sobs,

  the mind strives valiantly to distract the body from its want

Its struggles weakening,

  one thought only is given clarity to the mind:

The satisfaction of the carnal appetite

  would be the total destruction of the fragile mind

  as well as of the tear-stained soul and its distant mate


One of the most positive I've ever written, from high school, no less:


When I look inside my mind

I wonder who I am

I think about what others say

And realize I don't give a damn


They think they know

Who I am and what I'll be

But their opinions don't really matter

They have no affect on me


When I look inside my heart

I find an empty room in which to cry

I reflect upon my loveless life

And start to wonder why


There was no one for reassurance

No one for me to hug

I'm addicted to the idea of love

For me it's like a drug


When I look inside my soul

I think, "isn't that odd"

For inside that deep, dark, empty hole

Is God


This realization has changed me, I know

Yet not everyone can see

But now when I wonder who I am

I know that I am me



Funny how something written so long ago can still feel so true.

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